Target Sports USA is thrilled to announce the final contestants!

In a culmination of excitement and anticipation, Target Sports USA is thrilled to announce the final contestants who are on the cusp of potentially driving away with a BRAND-NEW FORD® F150 XLT truck on the AMMO+ TRUCK GIVEAWAY DAY, set to take place on October 14th.

Four lucky individuals have been randomly selected nationwide to vie for this grand prize. The finalists, hailing from different corners of the country, bring their unique stories and passions to the event.

They are:

  1. Adam B. from Chattanooga, Tennessee
  2. Ronald B. from Wausau, Wisconsin
  3. Garrett G. from Austin, Texas
  4. Jeffrey L. from Pepperell, Massachusetts

The AMMO+ TRUCK GIVEAWAY DAY is set to be an unforgettable celebration. The festivities will be at the picturesque Counterweight Brewing in Cheshire, Connecticut. This charming setting is the backdrop for a day filled with excitement and memorable moments.

Over a hundred Target Sports USA customers will gather to partake in the festivities. The atmosphere will be energized as giveaways are scheduled every half hour, ensuring never a dull moment.

The event’s highlight will come when the renowned special guest, 22Plinkster, will announce the Grand Prize Ford F150 Truck winner, plus the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prize winners. It’s a moment of suspense and celebration as the BRAND-NEW FORD F150 XLT truck will find its rightful owner.

Customers will have the unique opportunity to meet and engage with the Target Sports USA team, forging lasting connections and creating new friendships with other Target Sports USA customers. 

Target Sports USA is honored to host this event, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the four finalists. We look forward to celebrating with them and all our valued customers on October 14th, a day destined to be a remarkable and unforgettable affair.

This is a yearly event, and you could be invited to our AMMO+ Party or be one of the four final contestants who are in the running to win next year’s 2024 truck giveaway. All AMMO+ members are automatically entered to win the truck and can be invited to our exclusive AMMO+ party.

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