Ladies and gentlemen, what an incredible day it has been at the AMMO+ TRUCK GIVEAWAY DAY! We witnessed a celebration of community, shared passions, and unforgettable moments. From start to finish, it was a day to remember.

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the announcement of our ultimate winner, and that honor went to Adam B from the charming city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. With excitement and gratitude, we handed over the keys to a BRAND NEW FORD F150 truck. It’s the kind of moment that leaves you speechless.

But that’s not all. We had the privilege of hosting some incredible guests, including the one and only 22Plinkster. His presence added a touch of magic to the event, and he played a pivotal role in the giveaway. Our participants, including Adam, left the event not only with a truck but also with a pocketful of memorable experiences and unforgettable stories.

Members of AMMO+ and Target Sports USA were in for a treat as we gave away not only the grand prize but also an array of other fantastic prizes. From ammo to accessories and everything in between, the excitement was palpable.

This event wasn’t just about the giveaway, though. It was about celebrating the close-knit community we’ve built. It was about honoring the passion for firearms, the love for the outdoors, and the unwavering support for the Second Amendment. The event brought together people from various walks of life, united by their shared interests and values.

AMMO+ is more than just a membership. It’s a platform that connects people with similar passions and values. It’s a place where you not only access exclusive deals and early releases but also become part of a thriving community that shares your love for firearms and the outdoors.

As we close this chapter of the AMMO+ TRUCK GIVEAWAY DAY 2023, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Thank you for being part of the AMMO+ family. Thank you for being a part of Target Sports USA. And thank you for making this event one for the books.

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and events. With your continued support, the sky’s the limit, and the journey has just begun. Let’s keep celebrating our shared passions and creating memories that will last a lifetime.