Ammunition comes in many different calibers, each designed for a specific purpose. While some calibers are more common than others, there are a few unique calibers that stand out for their unusual features or specialized uses. Here are five of the most unique ammo calibers: These unique calibers are just a few examples of the […]

LE – a vital part of the USA

Law enforcement has been vital to the United States’ justice system for over two centuries. From small-town sheriffs to large federal agencies, the role of law enforcement has expanded and evolved to meet the needs of a growing nation. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of law enforcement in […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

In the spirit of today’s holiday, we decided to dedicate this blog post to Ireland and Irish Americans in the military. Read this blog post to find out more… Ireland has a long history of military service -Irish and Irish American soldiers have fought in many conflicts around the world. In recent years, Ireland has […]


As we reflect on the history of women in the United States military, we are reminded of the tremendous strides that have been made over the past century. From the early days of the American Revolution to the present, women have played an integral role in defending our nation and securing our freedoms. Despite facing […]

Shooting Sports

Shooting sports are competitive events that test a person’s accuracy, speed, and precision with firearms. There are many different types of shooting sports, each with its own unique rules, challenges, and equipment. Here are a few of the most popular shooting sports: Shooting sports are enjoyed by millions of people around the world, and are […]