Unlocking Safety – Exploring Biometric Gun Technology

In the realm of firearm safety, innovation took center stage with the unveiling of the Biofire Smart Gun last year. Set to revolutionize the industry, this cutting-edge creation promises to redefine gun ownership by integrating advanced biometric features. As pre-orders for the 2025 edition open, the anticipation builds, raising questions about the impact of this technology on gun safety and user experience.

Biometrics is not a new concept to the gun community, and many already rely on biometric safes to secure their firearms, ammunition, and valuables. The reassurance of knowing that only authorized individuals can access these safes, particularly in households with children or elderly members, offers invaluable peace of mind. With gun accidents constituting a significant portion of fatalities in the United States, preventing unauthorized access to firearms emerges as a crucial priority.

A common complaint gun enthusiasts have mentioned is the fact that their fingerprints sometimes fail in unlocking their devices, from safes to cell phones. One gun owner in Connecticut mentions, “I’ve never been able to open it with my fingerprint; I always have to use the code,” when speaking about his own safe. Biofire has confidently solved this common problem. Their website states, “State-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint identification and 3D facial recognition systems independently verify your identity, so your firearm always recognizes you, even if you wear gloves or a face covering.” That level of facial recognition is impressive!

Others may have reservations about their data being accessible. Still, Biofire ensures that your information is only stored within the smart gun and cannot be accessed by anyone, not even Biofire itself.

Both left-handed and right-handed versions of the 9mm smart gun are being produced and can be pre-ordered for around $1499.

Some gun owners fear that the introduction of a smart gun will create new mandates and laws, but Biofire has made their stance on this subject clear. They reiterate, “Biofire is and always will be against smart gun mandates, and although there are no mandates on the books today, we will fight against any future legislative mandate attempts. We’re proud of the Smart Gun we’ve built and believe it will be an important part of many families’ home defense strategy, but we believe that everyone should have the right to choose the firearm that fits their needs.” They seem like a great company with great values, and if the technology works as advertised, it will be a great product.

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