Pro-Gun: Why Are People Reluctant to Say They Own a Gun? 

You might be pro-gun but wonder if you should admit you own a firearm. Learn why admitting you own a gun in some states is common now. 

Historically, guns have been part of America for decades, but people still face many problems when owning a gun. Research shows that  67% of gun owners grew up in a household with firearms, so why is there still a stigma to being pro-gun? 

Due to the increase in gun safety concerns, it’s natural for people to feel unsure about buying a gun. As of late, gun ownership has been painted negatively by the media, and all of the negative talking points on the issue may cause some not to be as open about their views on the subject for fear of being judged.  

This article is meant to create a healthy and respectful conversation about a topic that some may relate to and discuss why people are reluctant to say they own a gun in America. 

Since the invention of social media, it’s increasingly challenging to hide parts of your personal life. That’s why many people express their hatred towards guns through online videos or isolating individuals who possess a firearm. In some cases, it’s crucial to document violence with guns. But, this leaves many gun owners who won’t confess they have a gun at home.  

Why Do You Avoid Discussing That You Own a Gun 

For over 150 years, guns have been associated with American identity. Initially, guns were owned by rural residents to protect their livestock and land. Recently, guns have been linked to self-defense and used violently against different societal groups.  

The problem with guns is more complex than a symbol of violence. As the world navigates new innovations in technology and political climates, declaring yourself pro-gun is a way of feeling in control.  

If your grandparents owned a farm and guns, you could associate firearms with your upbringing. Therefore, having a gun is not seen as a bad thing. On the other hand, if you grew up in a city where gun violence is frequent, you could have negative feelings toward firearms.  

In many situations, people shy away from saying they own a gun because the image of gun owners has been associated with hate groups. 

This makes it harder for people to speak about their opinions on guns and why they decided to buy one. For most people, this is not the case; they are hard-working, law-abiding people who love shooting on the range or feeling secure that they can protect their family.  

Should You Tell People You’re Pro-Gun? 

Deciding to tell someone you’re pro-gun is a personal choice, and it can be empowering to be honest about your gun ownership. To help you choose, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of telling people about your firearms is good.  

For example, speaking about your pro-gun views calmly and open-mindedly can encourage essential discussions. Dialog is a great way to help people learn about guns. By being honest, you can break the narrative displayed online.  

Even if people disagree with your choice, it’s important to show that you want to have conversations about gun ownership. That way, everyone can reach a level where they feel comfortable with firearms, and there’s less fear associated with them.  

Get Educated on Gun Safety 

If you feel uncomfortable owning a gun, evaluating why you might feel uncertain about your purchase is sound. Educating yourself and others on gun safety can give you more confidence in your pro-gun beliefs and allow others to feel safe.  

The last thing you want is for someone to feel unsafe in your company because you own a gun. So, if you’re considering purchasing a new firearm, you need to consider signing up for a gun safety class or finding a course online. Educating yourself about how to carry, hold, and store a gun will prevent accidents.  

Gun safety information is helpful for both  older generations of gun owners  and young people looking to purchase a gun. Plus, if you follow the gun safety rules and ensure everyone knows about your firearm, you can continue being pro-gun with more self-assurance.  

Consider the people around you 

Political beliefs are always based on people’s life experiences and personal values. Asking people about their opinions before telling them about your gun can help you determine if it’s a good decision.  

If the word gun sparks a nervous atmosphere and people feel stressed, it’s best to express your views another time. But, if there’s a discussion about gun ownership where people debate both sides, consider bringing up the topic. Respect each other’s opinions; every person has a different view, and that is what makes this country great.  

Ideally, you judge the situation before making a statement about gun ownership to protect yourself and others around you.  

Gun Safety Tips for Everyone 

Telling people about your gun is one way to reduce the stereotypes around firearms and minimize fear within the community. Gun safety can help you change the narrative of gun owners and provide a positive example of how to own a firearm. So, here are a few tips for gun owners and handling a gun:  

  • Always unload a firearm when not in use  
  • Be confident when handling a gun 
  • Buy the correct ammunition 
  • Take gun safety classes 
  • Learn about the mechanics of your gun 

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