“What Do We Do Now?” Why More Women Are Starting to Carry 

In 2015, Reese Witherspoon delivered a memorable speech centered around the question female characters often ask in movies when a conflict arises: “What do we do now?” The premise behind this speech was that Hollywood consistently promoted the message that whenever a woman was in trouble, she must turn to a male counterpart and ask what she should do next. Reese challenged this perspective, quoting her mother when she explained to the audience, “If you want something done, honey, do it yourself.” 

Over the last three years, America has seen a soar in firearm and ammo sales, and the percentage of women gun owners has doubled in the previous ten years. Daily conceal carrier Katie from Connecticut explains why we see these changes. “I think more women are starting to get their permits for a few reasons. One is because there is less stigma around women feeling empowered and in control of their personal safety. Another is that we see crime getting increasingly worse and more violent, and pepper spray isn’t going to cut it,” Katie explains. Several states and cities have outright banned carrying and using pepper spray. 

Katie claims that she doesn’t “think sexual assault is the most common threat to women’s safety. I think now, especially, it is far more likely that women will be faced with armed robbery, an armed intruder, or some person deciding to shoot up a public space. The outright boldness now of criminals is mind-blowing.” She also reiterates Reese’s message, “The cliche ‘you are your own first responder’ really has become glaringly true.” Women have historically been the targets of violent crimes, and they are almost always alone when it happens. Hollywood has succeeded in giving criminals a false sense of security in targeting women, but as the 21st century progresses, women have been taking steps to protect themselves.  

Even social media has taken to the idea of women carrying more often. Instagram accounts such as MomsWhoCarry, The.Patriot.Barbie, and Emily.M0ylan are normalizing women owning guns and will review accessories and apparel that make it easier to carry.  

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