Connecting with Customer Care: How Target Sports USA Sets the Standard

Have you ever called a company only to end up yelling “representative!” into the phone multiple times until someone finally picked up? In a digital world dominated by automated systems and recorded messages, the frustration of trying to speak to a real person when calling customer service has become all too familiar. Many companies have […]

Ammo Shortages: What the Election Year May Bring

As the United States embarks on another pivotal election year in 2024, citizens find themselves contemplating what a Trump vs. Biden rematch will bring and grappling with its ramifications for ammunition availability and pricing. The correlation between political events and ammo shortages/prices is not new. Historically, shifts in gun control policies, discussions surrounding the Second […]

Designer Guns: Hot or Not?

vintage pistol

In recent years, firearm customization has evolved beyond functionality to become a rising trend of artistic expression and a means of status. Some gun owners have been customizing their firearms with “Tiffany blue” slides and grips to make them appear as though they were made by Tiffany & Co. Some more brand-name driven gun owners […]

The Top 5 Online Ammo Problems and Solutions 

bulk ammo online

In the digital age, the convenience of purchasing ammunition online has become a luxury for firearms enthusiasts. However, like any online transaction, buying ammo online comes with its own set of challenges. Read on and explore the top 5 online ammo problems and practical solutions to ensure a smoother shopping experience.  1. Shipping Restrictions and […]

4 Reasons Why Women Make The Best Shooters

The shooting world by and large has historically been dominated by men, however in recent years, women have been showing overwhelming interest in the sport, and to be honest… they are killin’ it. Shooting is one of the only sports in which men and women can compete on an equal playing field and where strength […]

Price Increase for AMMO+ Membership Starting February 1st, 2024

Price Increase for AMMO+ Membership Starting February 1st, 2024

Target Sports USA’s commitment to transparency and maintaining the high standards that AMMO+ members have come to expect reflects its dedication to customer satisfaction in a dynamic and evolving industry. Although we have never raised the price of our AMMO+ membership in the five years it has been active, increased shipping, material, and labor costs […]

The History and Usage of New Republic Ammo

New Republic ammo is quickly becoming recognized as an affordable, reliable, and precise go-to ammunition by casual and professional shooters alike. Target Sports USA exclusively launched New Republic in 2021. It is manufactured in the European Union by a manufacturer that has produced and developed high-quality small-caliber ammunition since 1952 and manufactures according to NATO […]

Exploring the Power and Versatility of 38 Special Ammo

38 special ammo

The 38 Special cartridge has earned a reputation for its reliability, versatility, and historical significance in the vast world of firearms and ammunition. Developed in the late 19th century, the 38 Special has stood the test of time and remains a popular choice among both law enforcement and civilian shooters. The 38 Special cartridge was […]