The History and Usage of New Republic Ammo

New Republic ammo is quickly becoming recognized as an affordable, reliable, and precise go-to ammunition by casual and professional shooters alike.

Target Sports USA exclusively launched New Republic in 2021. It is manufactured in the European Union by a manufacturer that has produced and developed high-quality small-caliber ammunition since 1952 and manufactures according to NATO standards.

Initially, New Republic’s manufacturers started with military ammunition. Over the years, they branched out and began producing ammo for law enforcement, home defense, sport, and industrial purposes, and in 2021, New Republic was born.

The New Republic Ammo line initially launched a 115-grain 9mm luger round, a 95-grain 380 ACP FMJ round, and a 158-grain 357 Magnum round. Later in 2023, the line expanded, adding the 230-grain 45 Auto FMJ round, 158-grain 38 Spec FMJ-FP round, 7.62x39mm Ammo 124 Grain FMJ, and 62-grain 5.56 NATO FMJ round. This versatile ammunition line allows gun enthusiasts to choose the round that best meets their needs.

Jace Walters is a competitive shooter who made a national name for himself and has become a huge fan of New Republic ammo. Jace is a GSSF Master Class Shooter and the 2023 Junior National Champion (GSSF – CMP National Challenge), amongst other titles he currently holds and shoots about 500 boxes of ammo per year. He has done side-by-side comparisons with other brands and consistently goes back to the New Republic brand.

Several other competitors and gun enthusiasts in popular forums are giving New Republic five stars across the board in performance, availability, accuracy, and affordability. If you’re looking for a new product for self-defense, competition shooting, or target shooting, the critics have spoken: this ammunition is worth considering.

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