Gun ownership: the American way of life

Responsible gun ownership in the United States is alive and well

Despite the anti-gun bias we are witnessing in the media today, gun ownership in the United States has a significant positive impact on American society. American gun ownership is simply a way of life. There is a reason why our Second Amendment is in its place. Let’s remember the story of the Colonies and The United States. America is one of the three countries (Mexico and Guatemala being the other two) to constitutionally declare the right to keep and bear arms. For Americans, gun ownership is inseparable from American freedom.

America has more guns than any nation in the world and what’ also doesn’t come as a surprise to us is that this number continues to grow each year. After fighting for their independence, the founding fathers enshrined Americans’ right to firearms in the Second Amendment. This spirit of personal freedom and liberty has carried down through the years and is evident in America’s gun culture today.
Because of this Constitutionally guaranteed right, Americans own more guns per capita than any other country. According to the 2021 National Firearms Survey, 32% of Americans own a firearm.

According to the latest Census report that’s equivalent to over 81 million Americans. Between American civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel there are to be over 400 million guns estimated in the USA. The demand for ammo is there for a reason. Your best bet for finding the needed product at the best price is to subscribe to an ammo membership. Always keep in mind that your AMMO + membership provides you with fast and free shipping on all ammunition.