7 Tips for How to Buy Ammunition Online

What do you know about how to buy ammunition online? You can read about it here in this detailed overview of finding your best options.

One reason why so much ammunition gets bought is because of online retailers. This is because purchasing ammunition online is becoming more accessible, even at low prices

However, not all online ammunition is cheap and effective. Therefore, you need to learn a few tips to find the perfect ammo. How to differentiate between online ammo resources? How can you find cheap quality ammo? How to make a choice that is best for you? Answer these questions and become a master at buying ammunition. 

Seven tips for purchasing cheap quality ammo:

Understand the Differences Between Types of Ammunition

When you’re ready to buy a firearm, take time to study your ammunition options. Using the wrong caliber or material to shoot can damage your gun or lead to an accident. 

We have several guides on our blog, plus several online ammunition sites you can access. If you’re confused, ask a gun dealer for help. Never use ammo that is not rated for your firearm. Try out products from different ammo manufacturers, but you should stay within one type of bullet. 

All Laws Related to Ammunition

Each state has its laws for ammunition purchasing. For example, some states impose caps on how much ammunition you can buy at once. If not sure, review your state laws with a lawyer to ensure you follow them correctly. In addition to state laws, you need to follow federal regulations. 18 U.S. Code Section 922 limits who can buy and possess ammunition.

People over 18 can buy rifle and shotgun ammunition, but not handgun ammunition. However, they can possess handgun bullets, so their parents can purchase the bullets for them. Anyone over the age of 21 can buy any ammunition. 

Supply and Demand

Ammunition is like most other consumer products. It goes through supply and demand cycles, and demand can exceed supply. The market cycle can make ammunition extremely hard to find and expensive. Keep your eye on the news and track the latest developments in the gun market—supply & demand are ever-changing on ammunition. 

Compare Competitors

You should constantly compare retailers to each other to find the best prices. Some stores offer sales that their competitors don’t provide. Try to find a retailer that has no or low delivery fees. Expect to pay a little money to have online ammo delivered to you. Retailers charge different fees and depending on the size of your order, it could become costly. So, look at shipping fees when buying online. You can also visit brick-and-mortar stores and get advice on what ammo to buy. There are memberships like Ammo Prime. That qualifies you for free shipping, purchase discounts, and upcoming sales alerts.

Look For Bulk Sales

Buying bulk ammo at one time can save money and cover your ammo needs. In addition, many retailers will reduce your shipping charges or give you bulk discounts. Sales in bulk ammo can happen during the holidays but regularly check ammo sites for special bulk ammo events during the year. Some bulk sales are not apparent until you put the items in your shopping cart. Price will be reflected in the cart at check out. 

Beware of Scams

When looking for cheap ammunition, you may find scalpers online. They claim to offer very cheap ammunition but tack on hidden fees and shipping costs. In addition, some online retailers provide ammo that is very low quality. Look at customer reviews of your retailers, so you know they sell good and cheap products.

Storing Your Ammunition

If you don’t store your ammunition safely, the ammo can deteriorate, leading to accidents. Instead, place your ammo in a cool and dry place. Most closets are cool and dry, but you shouldn’t leave bullets on shelves. Always put ammo in lockboxes that you place in multiple locations. Also, this secures your ammo from being stolen. The most crucial reason for properly storing ammo is safety. Keep ammo out of the hands of children.

Buying Ammo Online summary

  • Research the types of ammunition, you can fire with your gun
  • Check state and local laws 
  • Look for sales so you will save money 
  • Consider buying your ammunition in bulk
  • Apply for a membership with an online retailer, so you receive additional discounts on ammo and shipping.
  • Beware of scams 
  • Read customer reviews or just plain word-of-mouth recommendations 
  • Store your ammunition safely

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