Shotgun Ammo for Sale: 6 Tips for Finding the Best Deals

When it comes to shotgun ammo for sale, you’ll want to find the best deals for your needs and budget. Read about how to get started here.

The shotgun is one of America’s most noteworthy and famous commodities in the shooting world. While the earliest types of shotguns were created for hunting, you can now find combat options from various manufacturers. The big difference between a gun made for hunting and one for self-defense comes from what kind of ammo you use. 

You can load shotguns with all kinds of ammo from bird shots to slugs. With how many different options there are, it can be challenging to know which to buy and how much you should spend. 

Here’s how to find the best deals on shotgun ammo for sale and where you can look. 

1. Know the Types of Shotgun Shell

First of all, you need to know what kind of shell you’re looking for. If this is your first shotgun, then you may not be aware that there are options.

The two main types of shotgun shells are the slug and buckshot

Buckshot refers to the traditional type of shot most people expect from a shotgun. Instead of a single bullet like other firearms, buckshot releases a type of “shot” loaded inside of the shotgun shells. When fired, the shot leaves the shell, travels down the barrel, and spreads out. 

You’d typically use buckshot to improve your chance of hitting a target. That’s why it’s used for hunting flying game birds like ducks or grouse. The only problem is that they lose energy quickly which makes them ineffective against body armor at longer ranges. 

A slug falls more in line with other types of firearms. Instead of the shell releasing a load of pellets, it travels out as a single projectile. 

The benefit of a slug is that they have more penetrating power at longer ranges. You can use them to hunt deer from as far as 75 yards without issue. Additionally, the hole or wound created by a slug is larger and more devastating. 

2. Select Appropriate Gauges

Shotgun shells are classified by gauges. The gauge refers to the thickness or diameter of the smooth shotgun bore and the size of the shell.

When you buy ammunition for your shotgun, you need to get the right gauge. Feeding the wrong shell into your gun can result in a backfire and serious personal injury. 

Some shotgun gauges are rarer than others, so your ammunition may cost more depending on your gun. The most common gauges are 10, 12, 16, 20, and 28. If you want to spend less on ammunition, you’ll want to get a shotgun that matches one of them. 

3. Visit a Reputable Dealer

If you’re buying ammunition in person, you should make sure that you’re purchasing from a reputable dealer or someone you trust. Generally speaking, you want to avoid pawn shops for your firearm needs.

Everything a pawn shop sells is something they bought from another customer. You don’t know how well the last owner stored their ammunition or where they purchased it. While it’ll likely be much cheaper than buying from a gun shop, there’s a good chance they won’t even have the type of ammo you need. 

A gun shop will charge more, but you can expect better quality products. The people who run these are licensed to receive firearms through their distributors. As a result, they’ll have a much wider range of supply than a pawn shop. 

4. Buy Ammo Online

Buying ammo online is a great way to find any kind of ammunition you need at affordable prices. However, you need to be careful about who you’re sending money.

Try to avoid buying from individual dealers on websites like Craigslist. At best, you run into the same quality issues as a pawn shop. At worst, they’ll overcharge or scam you

Online ammo retailers are a great option for a few different reasons. 

First, you’ll have access to a much wider range of products than in a physical store since they don’t have to keep things at a storefront. That means you can order bulk items as well as buy harder-to-find ammunition your local store may not stock. 

Second, you’ll save money when buying from an online retailer. They’ll usually have some kind of package deal on larger orders, such as free shipping. 

Finally, these websites are partially held accountable by customer reviews. Unlike with your local gun shop, it’s easy to see if people have had issues with an online retailer in the past. 

5. Look at Reviews

When you take a look at the reviews, don’t just pay attention to the highest or lower-rated ones. There’s a trick to finding the truth behind the complaints and high praises. 

For example, a retailer may overcharge normally to make their sales look more enticing. Or maybe they have great customer service and are quick to deal with any issues you run into. 

Do the following to evaluate a review:

  • Check recent reviews as well as recently edited ones
  • Look at three or four-star reviews for a more honest opinion
  • Remember that positive or negative reviews may be fake
  • Find a person’s other reviews to see if they’re trustworthy

6. Invest in Subscriptions or Memberships

One way online retailers help their loyal customers save money is through subscription services or memberships. This usually comes in the form of monthly or annual payments. In return, you get access to benefits such as free shipping, discounts on ammunition, and priority alerts. 

Business owners can greatly benefit from these savings as well as the priority alerts. Individual customers who regularly visit the firing range or go hunting can also access savings they won’t find at a local gun shop. 

Shotgun Ammo for Sale and More

When you look for ammo on sale, you want the best prices. The money you save on your shotgun shells can always go into your next purchase. Or maybe you just like saving money. 

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