Tips to Help You Choose a Concealed Carry Gun

Around 20 million Americans have their concealed carry permit. If you’re thinking about getting yours, it’s time to start considering how to choose a concealed carry gun that’s right for you.

When it comes to choosing a gun, there seem to be hundreds of things to consider. And if this is your very first time buying a gun, your head may be spinning!

If you want to learn how to choose the best-concealed carry weapon, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing everything you need to consider when shopping for a handgun.

Choosing a Good, Friendly Gun Shop is a must!

When you go to buy your first concealed carry weapon, you could feel apprehensive and out of place in the gun store.

The salesman’s responsibility is to describe the many pistols available and how they work in simple words and without sounding condescending. An ethical firearms dealer or instructor wants to see you frequently and maintain you as a client. Here we value you as a customer, everywhere you do business shall too.

An ethical professional firearms dealer will never pressure you into purchasing a certain product and should seek to protect and educate you, as a first-time consumer.

A skilled salesman will assist you in making an informed decision and will keep you up to speed on excellent goods on the market from the firearm, the ammunition you may need, and all the shooting sports essentials.

Try Before You Buy

When looking for a self-defense handgun, we recommend visiting a range that offers firearm rentals as well as a basic pistol, personal defense, and concealed carry lessons given by trained, licensed instructors. Visiting a range once you are a proud gun owner looking to sharpen your shooting sports skills is a fun time. You’ll often find experienced shooters willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

You can better access which sort of handgun will best fit your specific demands in such a customer-friendly setting. We all got into this shooting sports community as a beginner at one point.

Before you start shopping, you should first educate yourself on the many handgun kinds, brands, and models accessible. The same goes for ammunition as well. This being niche of Target Sports USA we are always willing to help. With full customer service established to assist you with all of your ammunition purchases, please remember Target Sports USA is always a phone call or an email away.

Furthermore, once you establish a list of your goals based on your own particular needs, you can make an informed and individually appropriate decision. There is no perfect pistol for everyone or every occasion, take your time picking the firearm right for you.

Know What Gun Is Best for Concealed Carry

Perhaps you’ll consider light and thin, which correlates to ease of carrying. Considering your clothing as well be beneficial. Some of the questions that may arise are: Will the gun be simple to hide with your regular clothing? Keep that in mind and see if you can try to conceal it before you purchase.

A customer-centered gun store will let you hold a pistol responsibly if you’re thinking about buying and even test it out if it’s fit in a holster on your hip to determine whether it’s the proper type for you. This is all part of the fun when shopping for this shooting sports essential.

Ease of Operation

If you are thinking of self-defense, your chosen handgun should be easy and safe to use. Safety and knowledge always come first. Do you have the hand power to draw the slide of a semi-automatic handgun back to cycle a round into the chamber or to clear the gun?

Is it simple to use the slide stop/release lever to lock the slide back? Whatever fine motor abilities you have tend to disappear under stress.

Ease of use involves selecting a pistol that is easy to field strip for periodic cleaning and maintenance. Choosing one that is tough to maintain can lead to the ultimate consequence that it may not operate properly when it’s time for you to use it.

One important thing to keep in mind is that as we age, many get arthritis, which makes disassembling and reassembling mechanical equipment with numerous recalcitrant small components difficult.

It is critical for those of us with weaker hands to select a chosen firearm that does not demand Herculean hand strength to disassemble and reassemble.

You want a trigger that is neither too hefty nor too light to pull. A trigger that is too light might result in an unintentional discharge. This of course is a personal preference and chances are as you become proficient in this industry’s goodies you will own many firearms of different features and feels.

Remember to have fun in the entire process of shopping for a new firearm and enjoy your new interest.


Find a Good Fit

When deciding on a carry handgun consider whether each choice fits your hands well. Ask yourself: Why do I like the feel of this? Remember the feeling is subjective to a personal preference. In the shooting sports community, you’ll find people that started with different firearms, and their preferences change. Take your time and start with the one that feels the best for you and fits in your budget.


Consider Reliability

While the aforementioned requirements are crucial, we must not overlook the importance of dependability and durability.

Remember that if you’re going to carry your handgun on you daily for self-protection or train with it, it has to be durable and reliable. What good is a concealed carry permit if your gun isn’t reliable?

Remember These Tips on How to Choose a Concealed Carry Gun

Purchasing your first concealed carry gun may be a thrilling or stressful affair. We are here to help.

To say the least, attending your local weapons exhibition might be daunting.

If you’re fortunate enough to have an experienced shooter with you, it may make the process go much more smoothly. Befriend one, after all, you now have a similar interest in mind. Hope that the tips we shared here on how to choose a concealed carry gun are beneficial and we wish you a warm welcome to this community we love to be a part of.

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