Hunting : .22 ammo

.22 Long Rifle happens to be one of the most used cartridges out there.  It is often used to teach new shooters how to use it to hunt small game, target shoot, and just plink with it. Many manufacturers produce several different variants of .22LR ammo for hunting small game and for target shooting.

This makes the .22 Long Rifle still a very capable hunting round. .22 Long Rifle ammo has a reputation of being an extremely accurate cartridge and is widely used among shooters across the United States.

Other rimfire ammo like .17 HMR, .22 Short, and .22 WMR are not as reliable as centerfire cartridges. Therefore, keep in mind .22 Long Rifle should not be the first choice for self-defense ammunition. The same advice goes on not using a .22 Long Rifle for hunting bigger animals like bears or deer. Much .22LR ammunition will work extremely well for hunting smaller game.

Today we will go over some of the best.22LR ammo for hunting and target shooting. Stay tuned as you may pick up some pros and cons of mentioned rounds.

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Some of the ammunition we carry is:

Federal Champion- a great choice for .22 Long Rifle ammo.  Fantastic for plinking and hunting small game. If you have a Ruger 10/22, anticipate good results. Clean and accurate. A good high velocity round to go with.

There are also a few other brands of .22LR ammo that also appear accurate and have better ballistics on paper, however, Federal Champion high velocity .22LR ammo is a top choice for many of our customers.

Another popular round is Remington Golden Bullet and Remington’s 22 Thunderbolt ammo will probably work well for you. With a 40-grain LRN bullet, this is especially good ammo for use at the range.

This is a high velocity .22LR ammunition and it is maintaining its competitive price while performing well in a wide range of firearms.

The fastest brand of .22LR ammo currently manufactured is CCI Stinger with a velocity of 1,640 feet per second. You may hear of it sometimes as hyper-velocity ammo. It uses a nickel-plated brass casing. This is beneficial for reliability, particularly when you use it in semi-automatic firearms. Now, this ammunition also contains reliable primers. CCI Stinger .22 Long Rifle ammunition is fantastic when you need .22LR ammo for hunting varmints or small games.

CCI Blazer .22LR is a very popular round among our customers. 40-grain lead round nose bullet, therefore great for target shooting at the range, though it will work for hunting as well.

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