38 Special Vs 38 Super: The Difference 

The 38 Special and the 38 Super are among the two of the most liked revolvers on the market today. Although they are different, they both are similar in design. The main difference is the caliber. The 38 Super’s cartridge is larger than that of the 38 Special. Do keep in mind that It can be fired in a revolver that was designed for use with the 38 Special. 

The 38 Super cartridges were designed for use in a revolver that was designed for use with the .38 Special, therefore 38 Super has a longer barrel. This caliber can shoot bullets at higher speeds when we compare it to 38 Special. This is important to know because the 38 Super can shoot more bullets per second than the 38 Special.

The important thing to be mindful of is when using 38 Super in a revolver that was designed for use with the .38 Special – it can be difficult to shoot accurately. A longer barrel can cause accuracy issues.

Long story short -38 Super and the 38 Special are revolvers however there are some important differences between them. The 38 Super is a revolver larger in size, has a longer barrel, and can fit more rounds in when we compare it to 38 specials. 38 Super shoots cartridges up to 10% larger than 38 Special. 

 Now, both calibers have their disadvantages and advantages, but it’s all about personal preference. Always be mindful when ordering ammo for the appropriate caliber. You can always find a great variety of rounds you are looking for by visiting Target Sports USA’s online store at www.targetsportsusa.com. Always be mindful of the fact that as a Target Sports USA member you get priority alerts when items arrive back in stock. If your 38 special or 38 super ammo is out of stock currently – do not worry. Simply sign up for priority alerts on your account.