Honoring Veterans and First Responders: Exclusive Veteran’s Day Savings with AMMO+ Membership at Target Sports USA

At Target Sports USA, we stand united in expressing our deepest gratitude to the brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation and the dedicated first responders who safeguard our communities. This Veteran’s Day, we’re proud to extend a heartfelt thank you by offering an exclusive discount on our esteemed AMMO+ membership.

In the spirit of giving back to those who have sacrificed so much, we want to honor veterans, service members, officers, police personnel, and first responders with a token of appreciation. Your dedication to the safety and freedom of our great country does not go unnoticed.

AMMO+ Membership: Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Our AMMO+ membership is your ticket to unparalleled savings and convenience. As a member, you’ll enjoy an impressive 8% discount on all ammunition orders and free shipping on eligible items. This membership is tailor-made for those who appreciate top-tier ammunition at competitive prices.

How to Claim Your Exclusive Discount

Claiming your special Veteran’s Day discount is simple. Visit our website www.targetsportsusa.com and sign up for the AMMO+ membership. Once you’ve joined, you can immediately start enjoying the exclusive benefits. By becoming an AMMO+ member, you’re not just saving money; you’re also supporting your fellow veterans, first responders, and law enforcement personnel. To benefit from the special promotion check out your text messages and emails. Clicking the link sent is the easiest way to sign up. Please keep in mind the promotion does not work for existing members.

Our Pledge to You

Target Sports USA is committed to delivering the finest ammunition and shooting supplies to our customers. This Veteran’s Day, join us in celebrating the dedication and sacrifices of our heroes. By becoming an AMMO+ member, you’re part of a community that values service and supports those who have served.

Join Us in Honoring Our Heroes

Let us stand together in gratitude and respect for those who have served and continue to serve our nation. Take a moment to honor their sacrifices and celebrate the strength of our community.

To claim your exclusive discount and become an AMMO+ member, give us a call 860 426 9886