704 Tactical Renews Exclusive Contract with Target Sports USA

Today marks a milestone in the dynamic partnership between Target Sports USA and 704 Tactical as the renowned firearm enthusiast and YouTuber renews his contract with the premier online ammunition retailer.

Target Sports USA, recognized for its extensive selection and commitment to customer satisfaction, has been the go-to destination for firearms enthusiasts nationwide. The Ammo + Membership program, a unique offering by Target Sports USA, caught the attention of 704 Tactical and is often featured across the content of his platform. 

704 Tactical, a prominent figure in the firearms community, is celebrated for engaging content on various social media platforms, particularly his YouTube channel, where he shares engaging content on all things related to shooting sports. His commitment to providing entertaining and comprehensive information aligns seamlessly with Target Sports USA‘s dedication to offering quality ammo products.

The Ammo + Membership program, an exclusive membership by Target Sports USA, provides exclusive perks to its members, including priority access to in-demand ammunition, special discounts, and free shipping on all quantities of Ammo. This unique membership has proven to be a game-changer for firearm enthusiasts seeking a reliable source for their ammunition needs.

704 Tactical expressed his excitement about the renewed collaboration, stating, “I am thrilled to continue my partnership with Target Sports USA. Their commitment to delivering top-notch ammunition and services aligns perfectly with my goal of providing valuable content to my audience. The Ammo + Membership program is a fantastic resource for the firearm community, and I look forward to showcasing its benefits through my various social media avenues.”

As part of the renewed contract, 704 Tactical will continue to feature exclusive content highlighting the Ammo + Membership program benefits on his YouTube channel, Instagram, and other social media outlets. This collaboration will strengthen Target Sports USA’s position as a leading ammunition provider and 704 TACTICAL‘s status as a trusted influencer in the firearms community.

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