.308 Hunting Ammo

This is the season to look for quality .308 hunting cartridges.

Target Sports USA carries them and, in this article, we will mention a few of the most popular ones. Always keep in mind that this article doesn’t reflect the current stock items. However, we do have a wide array of inventory so sign up for email notifications and get your hands on your preferred round.

.308 Hog Ammo

If you are looking for a great option for hunting hogs Remington Core Lokt. A 180-grain projectile has a muzzle velocity of 2,620 fps with a muzzle energy of 2,648 ft-lbs. The “pointed soft point” design ensures penetration and consistent expansion on impact.

Remington states that the muzzle velocity stays above the 1,500 fps mark at distances as far as 300 yards, however, muzzle energy does drop to 1,110 ft-lbs. Pro tip: Keep your target within about 300 yards for optimal performance. Even at this distance, the projectile still packs plenty of force to target any wild boar.

.308 Deer/Elk Ammo

When it comes to deer/elk ammo, Federal Fusion ammo is a popular choice.

While you can still go with Remington Core-Lokt your best bet would be going with a deer cartridge. Federal Premium Ammunition makes some great rounds for that.

Federal makes several different .308 Winchester hunting cartridges, however Federal Fusion seems to be the number one pick for our customers. The heaviest one of them comes in at 180 grains. Its muzzle velocity is 2,600 fps. According to Federal, even at the 300-yard mark, the projectile is traveling more than 2,100 fps.

And now – .308 Big Game Ammo

Heavy punch ammo with reliable expansion in soft targets, Winchester Super-X hunting ammo is a great choice. Reliable each time.

When it comes to .308 hunting ammo, there are a lot of options however going with a classic round is always a good choice. This happens to be Winchester Super-X 180gr Power-Point. To keep it simple 180-grain projectile and unparalleled performance. Muzzle velocity is 2,620 fps, and it features a special design. The PowerPoint features a jacketed soft point with a lead core for reliable expansion each time.

Now that you know a bit more about particular rounds we carry, don’t forget to check our website frequently and keep in mind – your membership provides you with a significant discount and free shipping on all ammo! Happy hunting!