Target Sports USA now sells small pistol Winchester primers!

 These primers are non-corrosive, adaptable to all weather, and deliver fast and dependable performance under any shooting conditions. If you are looking for reliable, precise, and instant, you are choosing the right ones!

They have worked for us with zero malfunction, even with a lightened action.


According to Winchester – in their testing labs primers are rigorously tested for sensitivity to temperatures and conditions far beyond the normal usage range, making them a reliable choice. Winchester makes seven different primers to cover your reloading needs for rifle, handgun, and shotshell cartridges.


You can now purchase these primers with your Target Sports USA ammo membership and get them delivered promptly and at no cost. They come in individual boxes instead of a case so it’s a great time to try them out. Being a member pays off yet again.

Please remember that a hazmat fee is a flat fee of only $30 and a shipping fee applies if you are not a part of our ammo membership program. As a member, you can get these items delivered to you at no cost. Winchester makes seven different primers for all of your reloading needs. We currently have small pistol primers in stock! Shotshells, rifle & handgun cartridge primers are available in their production. Please keep this table for your reference and let our team know if we can assist you while you are making your purchase.

W209#209Shotgun Shells
WLP#7 – 111Large Regular Pistol
WLR#8-1/2 – 120Large Rifle
WLRM#8-1/2M – 120Large Rifle Magnum
WSP#1-1/2 – 108Small Regular Pistol
WSPM#1-1/2M – 108Small Magnum Pistol
WSR#6-1/2 – 116Small Rifle