Target Sports USA Reviews

In a world where everyone is shopping online, stumbling upon a company that goes the extra mile to make customers happy is like discovering a hidden gem. Target Sports USA has emerged as one such gem, standing out in the competitive landscape of online firearm and ammunition retailers. Their commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience is evident in every aspect of their service. Check out some of our recent customer reviews!

“Great Scott! I placed a first-time order with you recently, and I’m a little disturbed by subsequent events. First, your communication was excellent. Delivery was right on time, and I thought, “Hmm, these guys might just be okay.” Upon opening the packages, I found everything correct, just as I had ordered. Now, that’s a pretty rare event these days, but then you really rattled me, as you had included FREE GOODIES with the order! Really? A G.I. type .30 cal ammo can, Hoppe’s gun oil, a pull-through cleaner, AND a free box of ammo?!?!? No one does this! That’s American exceptionalism right there! Did I time travel? Is Eisenhower back in office? You fellows really know how to shake up an old guy! Great job and I hope to do more business with you soon!” -Jim G.

“Hi, Ammo guys. I received my last order the other day and with it a great surprise. I want to thank you for the extra promos. It is nice to know that Target Sports USA appreciates us customers and that you share your kindness. Again, I thank you and will continue to be grateful. I will buy ammo from TSUSA and with my AMMO+ membership. Thanks.” -Dan S.

“Thank you for the gifts when I joined; I was very surprised. Excellent service and easy-to-use website. You guys are the best!!!” -Joe C.

“I made an error with my membership info… I left an email and V.M. with details at Target. I promptly received a call; the representative informed me that she was working to correct my error. The billing was adjusted to my membership discount. The representative was very knowledgeable and courteous. Great service! This is another reason to recommend Target Sports to my friends and re-up when my membership expires!” -Dave R

As we continue to redefine the online shopping experience, Target Sports USA invites customers to expect the unexpected and embrace the exceptional.

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