Giving Back Target Sports style

Target Sports USA has kicked off the season of giving a bit early this year.
It is our great honor to announce that we have contributed donations this November to the Special Olympics, The Lions Club, and National Veterans Council for Legal Redress.
All three of these organizations align with values we admire, and we are happy to contribute meaningfully to help them carry out their mission.

Clay Shoot at the Special Olympics will occur on December 2nd, 2022, in Sylmar, California. Donating 5000 rounds of our exclusive Target Sports USA Captor 12-gauge shotshells has been a privilege. We wish all the contestants the best of luck and our sincere thanks to everyone who makes this noble event possible year after year.

Burlington Lions Club is a charter organization for Boy Scouts. 3 Sundays before Thanksgiving, they hold their annual Turkey Shoot event. We are proud to announce that we have donated two cases of shotshell ammunition, making this yearly event possible alongside other donations, organizers, and participants.

The National Council for Legal Redress (NVCLR) is a Connecticut-based Veterans Service organization that has been on a mission to impact Veteran’s lives positively since 1982. Their mission is to provide Veterans with employment connections, housing, discharge support, and legal and political advocacy. To get involved and see how you can help, please visit their website This year Target Sports USA gifted 100 veterans in need with winter essentials such as coats, gloves, and hats.

We are happy to be a small part of their extraordinary mission.
Looking towards more ways of giving back, we want to thank all three organizations for allowing our donations to contribute to their noble missions.