Choosing the right grain

Sure, you know what ammo you want to buy however selecting the right grain can be confusing. This post will help you determine that …

Chances are, you are familiar with what bullet grain means however if happen to be new to the ammo world let us go through what the word grain means. It is very likely to see “124 grain” on the side of a 9 mm ammunition. Other than making sure that the price is right and that you are indeed shopping for the correct caliber you want to place importance on the grain you indeed are buying. The material, size, and shape of the ammo you are about to purchase determine it’s accuracy as well as recoil.

Gr for short or grain represents a unit of weight measurement. To get a bit technical here one grain equals 1/7,000 of a pound or 1/437.5 of an ounce. Just to put things into an understandable perspective a dollar bill weighs about 15.4 grains. Bullets happen to be classified based on their weight in grains. For example, the most common 9mm cartridges have a bullet weight of 115 grains, 124 grains, or 147 grains.
When It comes to the term “grain” it’s very important to keep in mind that the term “grain” is not referencing the amount of gunpowder in the desired cartridge. The label on the box of ammo is referring to the weight of the bullet. Knowing this information will be beneficial when purchasing the right bullets.

About the lighter grain bullets

When choosing a lighter bullet, you are opting out for more speed and a flatter trajectory making lighter rounds a fantastic choice for long-distance shooting. These lower-grain cartridges are great for smaller game hunting like coyotes.
Lighter-grain bullets will give you more speed, perfect for competition and long-range shooting, however, be aware of the recoil when hitting the target as the lighter-weight bullet will not penetrate as fiercely.

About the heavier bullets

As simple as this – higher grain cartridges give you a lot more when it comes to effectiveness. It is important to keep in mind that a heavier bullet will not go as far however it will provide more of a hit-on-target impact. The heavier bullet will also offer more stabilization against wind gusts, unlike a lighter-weight grain bullet. These are a popular choice for hunting larger game like wild boar. If you are wondering about bullets for the shooting range, bullet weight won’t matter as much. Go with what you can afford and see what your weapon likes the best.

In conclusion – The heavier the bullet, the better penetration, and expansion you’ll get. No matter what ammo you decide to go with, we always suggest experimenting to see what weights work best for your gun. Always check out the selection we offer and don’t forget to sign up for our priority alerts as a part of our ammo membership program.