Ammo For Ukraine: What You Need to Know

We’ve all heard about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The conflict has generated tons of global backlash and international involvement, as the war continues to rage to this day.

But what about the Ukrainian soldiers currently holding off the Russian forces? Do they have everything they need? To what extent are countries sending ammunition to support Ukraine?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read on to find out more about how ammo is being distributed to soldiers fighting the Ukraine War.

How Did the Ukraine War Begin?

It’s important to consider some of the contexts for why this war began. While it’s hard to explain all of Ukraine and Russia’s geopolitical issues, there are a few key points you should know.

Many speculate that Russia wants to control Ukraine by deposing its government. This means Ukraine won’t be able to join NATO, the Western defensive alliance.

As such, a chain of Russian actions in late February led to the eventual invasion of Ukraine. President Putin ordered soldiers into neighboring states while other countries put sanctions on Russia and its resources.

Nevertheless, Russian forces invaded Ukraine on February 24. This led to countless deaths, fleeing civilians, and even more sanctions. Western countries rushed to help Ukrainian civilians as well as the military. 

The Situation in Ukraine

Part of the west’s reaction to the war is sending ammo to Ukraine and its military. Given that Russia has a substantially larger military force than Ukraine, ammo became a point of focus.

Russian Advancement

Despite Russian officials denying claims that they want to occupy Ukrainian territory, most aren’t convinced. Some are calling Russia’s “de-Nazification” of Ukraine to mean a “de-Ukrainization” instead. 

Russia’s initial invasion of Kyiv reportedly failed, leading to several strategy changes throughout the conflict. In April, Russia launched a full-scale attack on the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian officials attempted to negotiate a deal. The U.S. authorized several relief packages to Ukraine as the war continued to wage.

As of June, reports claim that Russian forces hold the center of Severdonetsk, a key strategic city in the conflict. Some estimate that they hold over 70 percent of the city.

The Ammo Situation

As the war rages on through June, Ukrainians report an ammunition shortage. Reports claim that soldiers on the frontlines are relying on ammo from western donations.

The Ukrainian head of military intelligence, Vadym Skibitsky, claimed that Ukraine has about one artillery piece to 10 to 15 Russian artillery. The president continues to call for further munitions support from the west.

How Ammo Is Being Donated to War in Ukraine

Based on these reports, it’s clear that Ukraine needs as much support as its western counterparts. The good news is that a lot of companies, governments, and other organizations have already taken up the mantle. 

The Ukrainian president famously turned down President Biden’s offer to evacuate the country. He instead asked for ammunition and equipment to hold off the Russian forces.

Several companies pledged ammo to Ukrainian forces almost as soon as the conflict began. Even American exporting procedures changed as a result of the conflict. Let’s break down a few of those instances here:

Remington, CCI, Speer, and Federal Ammunition

One crucial response to President Zelenskiy came in the form of Remington, CCI, Speer, and Federal Ammunition pledging one million rounds of ammo to Ukraine. This became an important precedent for other companies to follow.

These companies, all of which are part of Vista Outdoor Inc’s Sporting Products segment, also sold t-shirts in support of Ukraine. All the proceeds go to Ukrainian refugees displaced as a result of the war.

Ammo Inc.

An ammunition company called Ammo Inc. also pledged one million bullets to Ukrainian forces in March. Based out of Glendale, Arizona, Ammo Inc. promised to manufacture more ammo and donate ammo to Ukraine as the war continues.

American Government Responses

In March, President Zelenskiy called on his citizens to defend their country. As a result, the U.S. Commerce Department reported getting countless firearms and ammunition export requests to Ukraine.

While sending ammunition and body armor means going through specific export license requirements, that hasn’t stopped many from donating. Some even reported rapid license approvals for military exports to the country.

NASCAR Hall of Famer Richard Childress announced his plans to donate one million rounds to Ukraine. After the announcement, several U.S. Congress members introduced the American Ammo in Defense of Ukraine Act.

This act would lift certain export restrictions to expedite the process of sending ammunition from America to other countries. As such, Ukrainian forces can receive ammo from the U.S. much more efficiently.

What Happens Now?

In May, U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III spoke about America’s involvement in supporting Ukrainian operations as the war continues. He claimed that these efforts will “fortify and modernize” their forces.

He detailed how countries are sending much-needed artillery ammunition to Ukraine as the conflict transitions to a more long-ranged war. Nations continue to pledge commitments to aid Ukrainian forces.

As things stand, the war is not likely to end anytime soon. Nations, companies, and other organizations pledging ammunition and other equipment are slated to do so for months to come.

Ukraine War and Ammunition

It’s encouraging to see different countries and organizations lending their hand in the Ukraine War. This article will hopefully provide much-needed background on how sending ammo to Ukraine is aiding the cause.

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