The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Ammo Can

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Ammo cans have long served to store and transport ammunition, with NATO using them throughout the Second World War. Now there are many different types of ammunition cans, which can make choosing the right ammo can tricky. 

Ammunition cans are sometimes known as ammunition boxes. Although they are designed to store ammunition securely, there can also serve other purposes thanks to their sturdy design.

They help prevent your ammunition from dirt, debris, moisture, and other contaminants, so your ammunition stays fresh for longer. Plus, they help prevent the gasket and lid from supporting any weight. With ammunition shortages, it is essential to care for your ammunition, so you can enjoy your gun when you want.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about ammunition cans and how to pick the best one for your needs.

  1. Size and Weight

When choosing ammo accessories such as a can, an excellent place to start is to know what size and weight capacity you need. You do not want to have to invest in another ammo can due to it being too small for your ammunition collection.

Consider sizing up your ammo can to cater to your ammunition collection growing. You should also measure your ammo and other ammo accessories that you want to put in the can. Aim for everything to fit comfortably without it being a tight squeeze. 

You must also consider weight capacities if you want to store heavy items in your ammo can. Certain gun accessories such as lead weights need secure ammo cans, such as ones made of metal, which can hold the weight. 

  1. Ammo Can Design

There are also different ammunition can designs, so consider what type of ammo can suits your needs. For example, some ammo cans are better for long-term storage and to protect your ammunition from the elements. These are designed to be closed.

However, there are also ammo cans that have an open design, which suits people who want to see what is inside and access ammunition quickly. While a closed box can be helpful to keep everything sealed and prevent theft, it is easier to clean an open container. 

As ammo can manufacturing increases, so do their efficient designs. Now you are not limited to open or closed designs.

For example, there are also designs with removable units, which increase practicality when removing loads or calibers. There are also closed designs with easy access openings, such as one-push latches, which can offer the benefits of closed and open latches. Along with picking a practical design, you can also find a design for aesthetic purposes if you have preferences, such as a specific color. 

  1. Ammo Can Material

Most ammunition cans are either metal or wood. Wooden boxes are popular because they come in different designs and can support heavy rounds, such as 0.45 ACP and 12ga slugs, or large quantities of smaller rounds. 

You can use this material for long-term storage of ammo or transport. Another benefit of wood ammo cans is that they are often more environmentally friendly than other ammo can options.

Metal ammo boxes are great if your priority is durability. They are designed to tolerate tough environments, travel, and theft attempts. They can also be useful to prevent access if you are storing your ammo in your home and have children around.

Mental boxes can have more features, such as latches or locks to help keep your ammo secure. They also let you carry heavy rounds with ease. Plus, metal ammo boxes can provide more protection against the elements, such as sunlight.

There are some plastic ammo cans now, which can reduce the risk of your cans rusting, but they are less durable than other materials. 

  1. Ammo Can Accessories 

Do you have specific needs when it comes to storing ammo? It can be helpful to check if ammo can has a particular feature you would benefit from. For example, you might want a way to attach a lock for security purposes. Other people want handles, shelves, or features that help them easily stack multiple ammo cans.

Many ammo cans have rubber o-rings to help relieve motion and the risk of friction, so you can store ammo without worrying when it is loose. 

Another critical feature of ammo boxes is their water resistance. You want your ammo can to be protected against moisture, extreme weather, and natural disasters. Some boxes even can float, which can be essential if you live in an area with flooding or travel with your ammo to remote locations. 

  1. Manufacturing Location

Another factor to consider when choosing an ammo can is where it is manufactured. You might want to pick ammo cans manufactured in the US, or you might not have a preference. US manufactured gun accessories support the industry and economy, promote independence, and have better quality standards.

You can rest assured there are fair labor laws, and your ammo can is manufactured ethically. It is also more environmentally friendly to buy US-made products, as you reduce carbon emissions. 

Some people choose to buy used cans due to their history. If you decide to do this, you should check the informal rating system for ammo cans, which can help you narrow your search based on your needs and interests. There are grades one to three. This grade system rates the condition of military goods, with three being good and one the best. 

The Best Ammunition Cans 

Follow these to help you find the best ammo you can for your needs the first time. Not all ammo cans are created equally, so be sure to find a reputable seller too. A reliable seller with experience will only stock the best quality ammo cans.

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