California’s Controversial Move: A Deep Dive into the New Tax on Guns and Ammo

california gun laws

California, often at the forefront of liberal policies, has recently stirred controversy with its implementation of a new excise tax on guns and ammunition. Under Assembly Bill 28, a new 11% tax will apply to retail sales of ammo, guns, and firearm precursor parts in addition to the 7.25% CA sales tax and respective local […]


Please read this article to find out how you can get your ammunition orders delivered to New York State We have proudly stood behind a community we, too, are a part of. A community of law-abiding, responsible gun-owning citizens, active and retired military law enforcement, and military personnel residing in New York state. Customers and […]

What to Know About the Washington State Magazine Ban

There’s been a lot of debate in this country about weapon safety and gun availability. According to CBS News, about 42.1% of Washington state residents own a firearm of some kind. Despite the high percentage, it has become one of the many states making it more difficult to arm yourself. Just this year, a new magazine ban has been put into action affecting […]