As of 2023, new ammunition laws have gone into effect in the state of New York, causing concerns among gun owners and enthusiasts. The new law mandates that ammunition purchases in the state must be conducted through a licensed firearms dealer or a licensed ammunition seller. This means that anyone, (except law enforcement) who wants to purchase ammunition in New York must now either be a licensed firearms dealer or must conduct their purchase through one.

One of the major concerns among gun owners is that the new law would lead to an increase in the cost of ammunition due to the fees charged by firearms dealers for conducting background checks and other required paperwork. This could make it more difficult for gun owners to access the ammunition they need for their firearms.

However, Target Sports USA has stepped in to help customers in New York by partnering with FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealers in the state to provide a better purchasing experience for their AMMO+ customers. FFL dealers are licensed by the federal government to sell firearms and ammunition, so they are authorized to conduct the required background checks and other paperwork.

Through their partnership with FFL dealers, Target Sports USA has been able to get these dealers to waive transfer fees for AMMO+ customers in New York. This means that Target Sports USA customers in New York can now purchase ammunition at a lower cost and without worrying about additional fees. To get the full list please call our customer service team and we can assist you in finding out if there is a dealer in your area that would be willing to accept your order at a low or no fee.

This is a significant benefit for gun owners in the state who may be struggling with the increased cost of ammunition due to the new law. Target Sports USA is a leading online retailer of ammunition, firearms, and accessories. They offer a wide range of products at competitive prices and have established a reputation for providing excellent customer service. Their partnership with FFL dealers in New York is just one example of their commitment to serving their customers and providing a seamless purchasing experience.

The partnership between Target Sports USA and FFL dealers in New York is a win-win situation for gun owners in the state. Not only can they now purchase ammunition at a lower cost, but they can also do so with the confidence that they are purchasing from a licensed and authorized dealer.

Target Sports USA’s and New York State participating FFL dealers are a testament to its commitment to serving its customers and providing a seamless purchasing experience, even in the face of changing laws and regulations.

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