From customers to partners!

For over 13 years, we have been so grateful to have an opportunity and chance to cater to such an epic community. Our customers and industry partners have been the backbone of Target Sports USA’s initiatives and efforts in selling all things shooting sports. As a result, we are proud to say that we are one of the leading online retailers in ammunition sales and shooting sports commodities.

Target Sports USA is announcing a new initiative by asking our customers to spread the word about Target Sports USA. Become an influencer/brand ambassador and spread the word about Target Sports USA. You heard it correctly – as a satisfied Target Sports USA customer or an AMMO+ member, who best to tell our story than you? Now you can influence your friends and followers about the AMMO+ membership, and if they sign up – you GET PAID. How did we make this possible, you ask? Thanks to our partnership with Avantlink, which has an exclusive program available to anyone who wishes to join. Visit Once on the webpage, click apply, select publisher/affiliate, and proceed by signing up with Target Sports USA on their platform. In addition, you can choose from various ads and banners that you can put on social media/websites.

Please keep in mind that your commission payments will stem directly from Avantlink, and should any questions arise, please get in touch with them directly. If you are an avid shooter active in the industry and social media, this avenue is the one for you! Happy signing up, and thank you for being a valued customer, now an influencer of our AMMO+ membership by Target Sports USA.