America’s favorite (continued…)


      Skeet shootingtrap shooting, and sporting clays – you name it, we all love it. The last article sparked all sorts of interest validating that shotgun shells are indeed a favorite. The more important question we find ourselves asking is where we get such in demand shotgun rounds. Internet yet again wins. Looking for ammo online gives you an advantage in many scenarios. Not only are you saving time by not standing in already crowded gun stores, but you are saving money by instantly comparing pricing on the same caliber across the board.

       Target Sports USA is proud to announce an exclusive premium line shotgun shell coming to us in September 2022. Available only at Target Sports USA, this exclusive Captor ammunition line is taking the world of online ammo sales by the storm. A much-awaited item will be available for purchase as early as this month.

      Here is some information for the new anticipated add-on to our vast ammo inventory. Captor shotgun ammunition will come in 12 gauge 24 gr Trap & Skeet, 12 gauge 28 gr Hunting Cartridges, 12 gauge 34 gr Hunting Cartridges, 12 gauge Slug, 12 gauge 00 Buckshot.

      Competitive pricing on this exclusive Target Sports USA ammunition will be disclosed upon launch this month. Please remember that Target Sports USA PRIME MEMBERS get the best pricing and priority alerts on all existing and new ammunition, including our long-awaited Captor brand of shotgun shells.