Ammo cans, also known as ammunition boxes or ammunition containers, have been an integral part of military history for over a century. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of ammo cans and how they have evolved over time.

The earliest known ammo cans were simple metal boxes used by the military to transport ammunition in the late 19th century. These boxes were made from thin sheets of metal and had a hinged lid with a simple latch for security. They were not airtight or watertight, but they were sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of military transportation.

During World War I, the demand for ammo cans increased dramatically as the number of soldiers and weapons grew. To meet this demand, the military began to produce ammo cans made from heavier gauge metal and with improved latches and seals. These containers were designed to be more durable and resistant to damage from rough handling, extreme weather, and other environmental factors.

In World War II, the development of ammo cans reached new heights as the military sought to improve the efficiency and safety of ammunition transport. New designs were introduced that featured airtight and watertight seals, as well as stackable interlocking lids. These improvements helped to ensure that ammunition remained in good condition during transportation and storage, even in harsh conditions.

After World War II, the use of ammo cans continued to grow, and new designs were introduced to meet the changing needs of the military. In the 1970s, plastic ammo cans were introduced, offering improved resistance to corrosion and other environmental factors.

Today, ammo cans are widely used by the military, hunters, shooters, and preppers to safely store and transport ammunition. They are available in a range of sizes and materials, including metal, plastic, and composite materials. Some of the latest designs even feature locking mechanisms and pressure relief valves for added security and protection.

In conclusion, ammo cans have a rich and fascinating history, reflecting the changing needs and demands of the military and other users over time. From their humble beginnings as simple metal boxes to their current designs as high-tech containers, ammo cans continue to play an important role in the storage and transport of ammunition. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter, a military veteran, or a prepper, an ammo can is an essential tool for anyone who wants to keep their ammunition safe and secure. For an amazing ammo selection, please visit our website frequently. Gotta keep those ammo cans full, right? Always keep in mind that as an exclusive AMMO+ member, you receive an 8 % discount automatically, free, and priority shipping on all ammo.

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  8. .22 Long Rifle
  9. 12 gauge
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